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Fish stocking is simply the practice of releasing fish into a body of water to supplement an existing population or create one where there hasn’t been one in the past. The practice is ancient, going back hundreds of years. It has been regularly practiced in the United States since the 1870s when the government first recognized its benefit. Today, a lot of thought must be put into introducing non-native species and species that aren’t well adapted to an area, and that’s why choosing a professional fish stocking company is so important to getting it done right.

At Lochow Ranch, we can stock and maintain your pond or lake so that it can serve as your fishing hole or meet your other needs for generations to come. With our fish stocking services and fishery management and consulting services, we're here for you when you need to create or maintain a balanced ecosystem that can generate healthy fish for years to come. With more than a half-century of combined experience serving farm owners and landowners in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, you won't find a better choice in fish stocking.


Fish stocking starts with a plan. This important part of any lake management program must be handled with skill and precision to ensure that the results live up to your expectations and can be maintained over the long term. Doing some homework and advanced planning will lead to a better outcome than you have ever experienced in the past.


What fish will work best in your body of water involves many variables, including your goals, the size of the lake and other factors. Very small ponds under one acre have special considerations to take into account, and so do very large lakes of many acres. They must be stocked and managed in different ways and present distinct challenges.


We can put our experience to work in creating a recommended stocking rate that takes into account your lake size, location, health and condition as well as your desires. Jumpstart stocking rates are also different from maintenance stocking rates, and the amount of maintenance stocking varies significantly based on the size of the lake and other factors as well.


When stocking a new pond, we can provide an initial stocking proposal. For existing lakes or ponds, a fish population analysis can be compared to your needs to determine the best course of action.


We're pleased to offer all of the most popular species of fish in this region and also some other choices you may not have considered. We carry bass, trout, sunfish, catfish, forage fish and more. We'll work with you to determine not just stocking rates. but also fish types that can live together in harmony for a healthy, vibrant and self-supporting ecosystem.


At almost any time of year, we can deliver fish to your lake or pond.  Then, we can work with you in the future to make sure the outcome is in line with your goals.


Why not let us put our expertise to work for you? At Lochow, we do fish stocking right to make sure you get the very best results.

Let the certified professionals at Lochow Ranch provide you with a detailed on-site assessment of your pond’s condition.

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