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Lochow Ranch is committed to improving the genetics of the Largemouth Bass population for its customers, much in the same way the Texas Share-A-Lunker program is improving the genetics of Largemouth Bass in Texas public reservoirs. We have developed a novel genetic road map that is unequivocally superior to all others.  This road map is a plan to create our own genetically superior line of bass within 10 generations which will challenge and bring home the Largemouth Bass world record to Texas.



Fish HatcherySeven years ago, we began in earnest a set of programs which have already shown fantastic results producing bass which gain weight faster at a younger age. We dedicated several lakes to this effort along with a group of smaller rearing ponds and began to closely manage the program. We gathered bass from a number of sources including pure Florida strain, aggressive native strain and other hand selected Largemouth Bass with specific genetic characteristics. With these fish we began to select for traits that we knew would result in a superior bass. As these bass grew, we removed at a young age any bass that did not meet our specific criteria. The superior bass were allowed to reproduce with others in controlled environments and the process was repeated. Some bass were placed in larger lakes to grow to the 5-6 lb range and these were again hand selected for specific characteristics and moved to separate controlled environments to breed with other superior bass. This continuous sorting and cross breeding created a funnel that became more and more refined. Our genetic selection is very similar to techniques used in breeding fine race horses and trophy whitetail deer.



Fish ManagementWhen we found a bass population outside of ours with a strong gene for a certain characteristic, we introduced that into a controlled environment and looked at the offspring at two pounds. If it failed, we destroyed the line. If it succeeded, we introduced the gene. We are now in our fifth generation of fish and, as you can see, the difference is astounding from our second and fifth generation fish. Both of these fish are roughly three years old and the same length. They represent the typical characteristics of their generation in our controlled environments. We will continue to introduce outside genetics for another 18 months and then we will close the breeding plan to the outside using our own “studs” for the next three generations. At that point we will introduce the exclusive “Lochow Ranch Patriot Strain” of bass to our customers. Georgia has had the world record Largemouth Bass for many years with California being the only state with any serious challengers and it is time the world record comes home to Texas, where it belongs.

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